Persimmon Homes


SITE WORK: includes all excavation, preparation, footings and foundations. Installation of the septic system to meet state and local codes. House location and tree clearing at builder's discretion.

SEWER: 1500+ Gallon, Leach Field, Septic System as per approved design

WELL: Drilled well, Private

     Footings: Concrete mix, 3000psi, 8" x 16" footings
     Walls: Concrete mix, 3000 psi min., 8" thickness
     Cellar/Garage Floor: 4" thick concrete floor, 3000 psi
     Girder: Triple 2 x 12 or Micro Lams
     Sills: 2 x 6 pressure treated applied over sill seal
     Waterproofing: One coat of asphalt waterproofing
     Footing: 3/4" crushed stone under floor slab
     Drains: 4" PVC perimeter drain

     Exterior Walls: 2" x 6", 16" on center
     Sheathing: 7/16" OSB plywood on all exterior walls
     Building Paper: TYPAR or equivalent
     Interior Walls: 2" x 4", 16" on center
     Plumbing Walls: 2" x 6", 16" on center
     Structural Partitions: 2" x 6", 16" on center
     Sub floor: 2" x 10 floor joist, 3/4" tongue and groove plywood - glued and nailed (Advantech)
     Underlayment: 3/8" plywood - bathroom, kitchen (if applicable)
     Strapping: 1st & 2nd floor ceilings
     Drywall: 1/2" except for 5/8" fire code where required

     Siding: Maintenance free Vinyl
     Trim: Maintenance free aluminum

     Frame: Wood, 2" x 10", 16" on center construction
     Sheathing: 1/2" fir plywood
     Underlay: 3' ice belt
     Flashing: 8" galvanized drip edge
     Shingles: Architectural asphault shingles

     Doors: Solid core masonite; 1-3/8" thickness, 2 panel
     Doors and Windows Trim: 3-1/2" colonial style molding
     Base Molding: 7-1/4" colonial style molding 1st floor, 5-1/4 colonial style molding 2nd floor
     Finish: Paint - two (2) coats - semi-gloss finish
     Inside Closets: Closetmaid or eqivilent
     Crown Molding: First floor
     Chairrail/Wainscoating: Dining room and bathroom

     Type: Paradigm Windows, Insulated Low E glass, vinyl removable sash, inside grills, outside full screens
     Size and Number: Per plan submitted

     Main Entrance: Steel door with large side lite windows
     Garage Entrance: Attched or under w/ automatic openers
     Basement Entrance: Back door into garage

CABINETRY: Solid wood cabinetry

     Main: Oak treads and pine riser, solid oak handrail and balusters
     Basement: Plywood treads & risers
     Exterior Front: Granite Stairs
     Exterior Deck: Sized per plan, pressure treated frame and pressure treated decking

     Oak: 2-1/4 red oak (1st floor)
     Tile: Laundryroom and bathrooms
     Carpet: Second and third floor finished spaces
     Basement & Garage: 4" poured concrete

     Washer/Dryer: Hook -up on second floor as per plan
     House Drains: PVC
     Water Piping: Copper and PEX tubing
     Sill Cock: Two (2) - front and rear of house (freeze proof)
     WATER: Drilled Well
     Plumbing fixtures: Styles selected by buyer
     Counters will be solid granite - color selected by buyer

     Type: Forced hot water by gas
     Boiler/Furnace: Multi-zone, high proficiency
     Storage Capacity: 80 Gallon tank with separate zone directly off furnace
     Fuel Type: Propane gas

     Multi-Zone Central Air: Roughed in only

     Service: 200 AMP 40 circuit panel - Underground to house
     Door Chimes: Two (2) - front doors & back garage door
     Electrical Appliance Wiring: Washer/dryer, microwave, stove, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, compactor
     All wiring per National Electric Code and/or local Building Code
     Telephone & Network Jacks: Five (5) supplied
     Cable TV Jacks: Seven (7) supplied
     Recessed Lighting: As per plan, up to 20 cans
     Garage Door Openers: Liftmaster or equivalent
     Outside Floor Lights: to cover driveway area

     Ceiling: 9" Fiberglass R30
     Exterior Walls: 6" Fiberglass R19
     Cellar: 3-1/2" Fiberglass R11

     Front Walkway: Cobblestone pavers 4' wide, design per builder and customer
     Driveway: Paved - 3" thickness, 14' wide, 10" gravel base, parking/turn pad at garage

     Landscaping: Builder will loam, rake & seed all disturbed areas
     Shrub Plantings: Builder will provide 15 shrub plantings
     Retaining Walls: as required using onsite materials / rocks to support garage/driveway entrance

Note: The above data is for general information only, each new homeowner will be given a formal detailed specification document outlining the complete specifications for their specific home design and project plan.